The International convention of the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute is an occasion for sharing and learning from scholars around the world on what has been accomplished by different people and organizations in the areas of human rights, democracy, good governance, management and institutional development. The general objective of this convention is to create a platform for scholars to network with each other by gaining support to improve individual strengths by mitigating weaknesses.

This year’s convention of SLFI focuses on the social impact of social media, drugs, and suicide and the main objective is to disseminate knowledge to overcome harmful consequences of social media, drug and suicide in Sri Lanka by raising awareness by addressing the major stakeholders; so that there will be better understanding of the core issues which enables the country to implement sustainable solutions to minimize harmful effects.

These realities show how much our society has been infected and becoming more and more unstable for our younger generation. Consequently, Media is always assigned to play the big role to make aware and overcome these impacts. We, the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, as a prominent educational institute in the country, wish to address these issues in different ways as a social responsibility.


  • To create public awareness on the social impact of social media, drugs, and suicide.
  • To strengthen the research scholars who are actively engaged in teaching and training in the field.
  • To share the knowledge and experience among academia and practitioners.
  • To empower the public and media to overcome issues relate social media, drugs, & suicide.
  • Activities

    • 1. Academic research paper presentations (Papers/Posters & Workshops)
    • 2. Debates among schools students
    • 3. Art competition among schools
    • 4. Street drama
    • 5. Stalls (Open for public)
    • 6. Research Web

    Important dates

    * Deadline for abstract Submission 30th April 2018
    * Deadline for extended abstract Submission 20th May 2018
    * Announcement of acceptance 25th June 2018
    * Submission of camera ready copy 20th July 2018
    * Deadline for early bird Registration 10th August 2018


    Early Bird Registration on or before 10th August 2018 Registration on or before 30th August 2018
    Students (SLFI) LKR 1500.00 LKR 2000.00
    Local Presenters LKR 2000.00 LKR 2500.00
    Local Participants LKR 1000.00 LKR 1500.00
    South Asian Participants USD 100.00 USD 120.00
    Overseas Presenters USD 120.00 USD 140.00
    Overseas Participants USD 75.00 USD 100.00
    Bank Bank of Ceylon
    Bank Code 7010
    Branch Code 453
    Swift Code BCEYLKLX
    Account No 000 23 23 066, Sri Lanka Foundation
    Type Self-finance
    Course International Convention 2018


    Presentation Guidelines


  • Abstracts of unpublished original research should be submitted.
  • Documents that do not conform to the guidelines will be rejected.
  • Documents received after the given deadline due to any reason will not be accepted unless the deadline is extended.


    Soft copies of the following documents are requested to be uploaded (Extended Abstract to SUBMISSION FILE and rest of the documents to SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL).

  • Abstract
  • Extended Abstract
  • Declaration form
  • Final camera-ready version of your abstract will be published in the proceedings of ICON 2018. All authors of accepted abstracts (irrespective of the mode of presentation, oral/posters) should submit the final camera-ready version of the abstract according to guidelines given below.

    Please strictly adhere to the guidelines below and see the sample abstract listed on the website (link below) A duly-filled author declaration should also be submitted as instructed at the bottom of this page.

    1. Abstracts should be written in English using MS Word 97-2003, 2007 formats (file extension .doc or .docx).

    Format for Abstract

    * Paper size
    A4 Paper
    * Number of Pages
    Maximum 500 words
    * Margins
    27mm left; 15 mm right; 20 mm top; 20 mm bottom
    * Font
    Times New Roman
    * Line spacing
    * Body of the Abstract
    Two columns (see the sample abstract )

    2. The abstract should contain the following:

    TITLE should be brief and reflect the study carried out. The letters should be bold font size 12 and center aligned. There should be no line space above the title. One line space should be left below the title. If common vernacular names follow the scientific name, they should be included in parentheses. If scientific terms of organisms, botanical names, etc., are included they should be written in small italics.

    NAME/S AND AFFILIATION/S OF AUTHOR/S should be in font size 11, lowercase bold letters (except initials and first letter of the surname/s) and center aligned. Initials (each initial should be followed by a full-stop and a space) should be followed by the surname/last name. Presenter's name should be underlined and the corresponding author's name should be indicated by an asterisk at the end of the name. One line space should be left between the name/s and affiliation/s.

    AFFILIATION/S OF AUTHOR/S should be in font size 11 italics, lowercase letters (with uppercase letters where necessary) and center aligned. Whenever the work has been carried out in several Institutes/Departments, the addresses should be numbered using a superscript at the beginning of each address and the respective author should be marked using a superscript at the end of the author’s name. The corresponding author's email address preceded by an asterisk in superscript should be provided in a separate line immediately below the affiliations (see the sample abstract). A two-line space should be left between affiliations and the body of the text.

    TEXT should include a concise description of introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions; should be written in font size 10 justified.

    Acknowledgement: An acknowledgement, only with the name of the funding organization/s and grant number/s should be mentioned where applicable in italics. One line space should be left between the text and the acknowledgement.

    Spelling: British spelling must be used throughout the text.

    Abbreviations: Should be cited in full at first occurrence except for standard abbreviations.

    Non-English and Technical Terms: Should be in italics.

    Units: International System of Units (SI) should be used and a space must be left between the figure and the unit (eg. 25 cm).

    Maximum of 3 references and one table or figure can be inserted in the abstract; should be written in font size 10 italics justified.


    1. Extended abstract (word limit less than 1000; maximum 04 pages; page numbers should be included)

    2. Should consist of the following sections: Title, Introduction (with objectives), Methodology, Results, Discussion (or R & D combined), Conclusions (if relevant), References, No

    3. The use of graphs and charts (generated electronically) is encouraged. Graphics and photographs (scanned) could be included only if essential. Chemical structures and / or reactions could be given. All these should be with the sub-title and a relevant description or caption below the item. Tables (maximum of 2) should have a caption on top and be numbered using Arabic numerals.

    4. References: Include only a few essential references. The following format should be used:

    Name(s) of author(s), year within parenthesis, Title of the journal in italics, volume in bold face, page number(s)

    Eg: Ranasinghe, D.M.S.H.K. and Mayhead, G.J. (1991), Dry Matter Content and its Distribution in an Age Series of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Plantations in Sri Lanka, Forest Ecology and Management 41, (137 142)


    * Submit your Abstract before register.

    * you will receive index number after submit abstract. please use index number when you register.

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